Friday, March 15, 2019

"That's how Samsung is thwarting the first foldable iPhone"

Last week, Samsung announced its first foldable smartphone: the Galaxy Fold. When this device turns on, we don't have to rely on a flexible iPhone for the time being. Samsung puts a stop to that.

"Samsung thwarts foldable iPhone"

Goldman Sachs claims that in a new study. Analysts at the investment bank think that Samsung is at least two years ahead of Apple. The reason for this is simple: Apple itself is unable to produce sufficiently flexible screens. Samsung Galaxy would be planning to exploit this dominant position to the maximum.
Galaxy Fold
The folding phone that has been announced consists of two displays that you can fold together. The Fold can be used as a telephone and as a tablet. Samsung is currently the largest producer of flexible OLED screens in the world, which means that Apple has to knock on the door of the Koreans.
This striking dependence is not new by the way. The iPhone XS , XS Max and iPhone XR , for example, also have a Samsung screen. As this company wants to maintain its lead, analysts expect no panels to be sold to Apple in the coming years.

"Apple must hurry"

The economists also think that more and more flexible smartphones will be announced in the coming years. Since Samsung has a comfortable lead, Apple should hurry to catch up.
However, one also notes the Galaxy Fold. After the presentation, the device was not allowed to be tested by the press. In the eyes of Goldman Sachs, this means that the device may not be as good as people think.
The Galaxy Fold was announced simultaneously with the Samsung Galaxy S10 . The folding phone costs almost 2000 dollars and it is still unknown whether the device will come to the Netherlands. It is available in the United States from the end of April.

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