Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Android Hazards Report 2019: Less dangerous apps in Play Store

Almost no Android users come into contact with dangerous apps, according to a new report from Google. The company knows how to limit the risks of Android.

Android Hazards Report 2019: Risks remain limited

Google releases an annual Security & Privacy report, which examines the state of Android. The search company has taken considerable steps in recent years to limit the dangers of the operating system.

The report shows that users who only download their apps from the Play Store are hardly at risk. Only 0.08 percent of these devices came into contact with a dangerous app. In large countries such as India and Brazil, the number of downloads of dangerous apps fell sharply. A total of 1.6 billion installations of potentially dangerous apps were blocked by Google Play Protect this year .
For users who also get their apps outside of the Play Store, the risk is slightly higher. No less than 0.68 percent installed a potentially dangerous app there in the past year. However, that too is a decrease compared to a year ago, when the percentage was 0.8 percent.

New Android versions more secure

This may also have to do with the improved security of newer versions of Android. Of all the devices still on the now five-year-old Android 5.0 (Lollipop) , no less than 0.65 percent installed a potentially dangerous app in the past year. Among users of the newer, more secure Android 9.0 (Pie), that percentage was only 0.18 percent.

If you have a Pixel smartphone from Google, then chances are that you are provided with the latest security update. No less than 95 percent of all Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL users have a security update for the past ninety days. That is of course not surprising: the updates appear every month first for Google's own smartphones. How many devices in total receive the updates is unknown, but Google does indicate that it is 84 percent more than a year ago.

This is how you protect your Android smartphone

For Android, openness is both a strength and a weakness. Users are not stuck with the Google app store when installing new apps. You can download installation files from any site and put them on your Android smartphone. However, many of those sites do not check whether the apps are completely secure. As a result, you run a lot more risk outside the Play Store.
Do you want to know more about the risks of dangerous apps, then also read our security guide for Android smartphones . There you will also find tips for virus scanners, VPN apps and other ways to protect data on your device.

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